Graphic Novels Web

A web publication of Graphic Novels in chapters by Enrique L. Salteri

Enrique L. Salteri started publishing comics when he was very young. In Argentina, during a year, in the late 80s's Till We Arrive to Harania (Hasta Ilegar a Harnia) was published as a daily comic strip for newspapers. Enrique made the artwork and Walter Ravanelli Peres, a recognized Argentine writer, play-writer and art critic, wrote the script.

Walter Ravanelli Peres, the scriptwriter of "Till We Arrive to Harania" (Hasta Ilegar a Harania), a "Mad Mad Bunch" (Una pandilla loca loca) and "Popalina, the P'ataphysic" (Popalina la P'ata fisica) among other scripts.