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A web publication of Graphic Novels in chapters by Enrique L. Salteri

"I enjoy the creative process as a visual artist and a writer. In my graphic novels I am concerned equally about the script and the drawings. I try to produce quality in my own personal style with my own characters, which are neither impersonally realistic nor sill humoristic like in some comics or cartoons. I like the European Graphic Novels by Rene Sterne, Othon Aristide (Fred), Chrisophe Blain, Nicolas De Crecy, Christophe Chaboute, Hugo Pratt, and the teams of Eric Coberan – Lionel Papagelli (Alfred) and Sylvain Ricard – Christophe Gaultier. In the American side I always esteemed the old masters from the Golden Age like Roy Crane, Vincent T. Hamlin and Chester Gould among other. I am not a fan of superheroes, which repeat the overused scheme of good and evil.

I prefer the creative way where good literature goes together with a drawing that permeates a fusion between a well-developed plot and a strong visual expressionistic mood. The magic grows in the poetry of the text, the imagination of the plot, the suspense of the sequences, and the psychology of the characters. The writing resources bring up those things such as sound, smell, temperature, (that a drawing cannot express) but do not repeat what we can already see in a scene. The art becomes visible in the visual concepts of composition, the richness of the line, the contrast of black and white, the subtle tones of grey, the atmosphere or the accent of the colors, the traveling flow of the page composition and the naïve or grotesque images. It is this peculiar blending of text and drawing that conveys the distinctive image of the graphic novel language, which I enjoy as much as working hard to reach the goal. Finally, I should say that a graphic novelist is like a movie director but with the advantage that the budget is always irrelevant."

Thank you for your visit,

Enrique Salteri